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A Little Neighbourliness Goes A Long Way

by Susannah Howen

The buzz of excitement to be attending an actual in-person event seemed to energise everyone in the room, including the...

Meet Little BIG Hosts, Suzanne & Val

by Sarah Mathews

Ever paused to enjoy the sweet sound of classical music floating around the Flour Mill? If you don’t know them...

Meet Little BIG Host, Alan

by Sarah Mathews

Meet Alan Earls: local Summer Hill community member and Little BIG Host. Alan runs a non-clinical Pop-up Safe Space at...

Little BIG Hello!

by Sarah Mathews

If you think this is the story of the Little BIG Foundation set in Summer Hill, then you're in for...

A New Place, Built For You

by Sarah Mathews

Everyone has a reason why they like to hang out at their local coffee shop. For some, it’s the sweet...

Establishing Connected Communities In A Post COVID-19 World

by Sarah Mathews

This article has been submitted by David Workman, Divisional Director of Urban and Community Planning with EG. EG is the...

How To Raise Your Game When The World’s Energy Is Falling

by Sarah Mathews

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”- so said Nikola...

The Greatness We Are Chasing

by Sarah Mathews

This article has been submitted by Grant Flannigan, Developments Director of EG. EG is the founder of the B.I.G. Foundation...

A Way Out Of The Woods

by Sarah Mathews

As restrictions begin to ease across Australia, it’s easy to think that the trail has finally led us out of...

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