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Get To Know Little BIG Host, Susan, The Creative Force Behind Improv

by Faith Duremdes

Meet Susan, a charismatic improv host who is passionate about building connections through the magic of improvisational theater. In a...

Meet Wei-Yee, The Little BIG Host Who Started It All

by Faith Duremdes

Back when COVID was still a pandemic and everyone was stuck in their homes, Wei-Yee, Flour Mill resident and yoga...

Introducing Pumi & the Walking Group

by Little BIG

It is our utmost pleasure to introduce to you a brand new addition to our team – a volunteer with...

Meet Emma! Volunteer and lovely local.

by Little BIG

In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget about the importance of...

Meet Little BIG Host & Volunteer, Sanjeev

by Little BIG

Are you a keen investor in the stock market? Do you want to connect with like-minded individuals who share a...

Meet Little BIG Host, Nathan

by Susannah Howen

Who doesn't love a night of board games, a night to loose yourself in the game, connect with others and...

Meet Little BIG Host, Vincent

by Sarah Mathews

Do you have that writing itch but can't find the motivation to get started? Always wanted to write a blog,...

Meet Little BIG Host, Kate

by Sarah Mathews

We could all do with a little bit more self-care in our lives. Some time out to take care of...

Meet Little BIG Neighbour, Deb

by Sarah Mathews

Do you have unused or wrecked furniture at home that you want to restore? Deb from Hampton & French is...

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