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Flour Mill of Summer Hill Joins the Uptown Accelerator Program: A Milestone for Community Growth

by Sarah Mathews

Little BIG is thrilled to announce that the local businesses at the Flour Mill of Summer Hill have come together...

A Little BIG Community: More than a home!

by Little BIG

A Little BIG Community: More than a home! A Little BIG Community is distinct from other residential developments in many ways...

Beating the office blues with banh mi and mental health classes

by Little BIG

This article was originally published by Campbell Kwan, commercial property reporter for The Australian Financial Review. Cooking classes, mental health...

We are less lonely!

by Sarah Mathews

Congratulations Little BIG House family, you have done something really, really special in the last 12 months. Despite the craziness...

A Little “Hello” to Big Office Buildings

by Sarah Mathews

The Little B.I.G Foundation is excited to announce our partnership with the EG Delta Fund, bringing rich social connection opportunities...

Developers Who Stay Post Completion, Building In A Legacy Of Good

by Sarah Mathews

This article was originally published in the March 2023 issue of Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific. Recently, Reno Sio, Institutional Real Estate, Inc’s...

The Importance of Mental Health First Aid

by Sarah Mathews

Mental health is a topic that has gained a lot of attention in recent years and for good reason. With...

New year.. new kind of goals

by Sarah Mathews

Are you a new year’s resolution setter? Today is the day many of us will be reflecting on 2022 and...

The Start of a Journey

by Sarah Mathews

Local Loneliness Like many parts of the world, Australia is experiencing a pandemic of loneliness. We are withdrawing from community...

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