We are less lonely!

by Little BIG

Congratulations Little BIG House family, you have done something really, really special in the last 12 months. Despite the craziness of our world, here, in our little bubble, people are expressing more kindness, getting to know and trust each other more and feeling more connected.

  • 7% reduction in loneliness.
  • 73% of people have met someone new at the Little BIG House event.
  • 44% of people agree that they interact with more people in the community after attending just one event at the Little BIG House.

Last year, we learned that people in our community lacked social connections and demonstrated a strong desire to know their neighbours. Knowing this, community hosts and volunteers have ensured that ample opportunities for connection have been made available.

In response to the identified need for greater social connection, Little BIG ensured enhanced opportunities for connection in the community through our volunteer network and partners.

unique programs
individual events
Little BIG Moments

This has led to improved social participation, a community where kindness is experienced frequently, and reduced loneliness compared to national averages and last year’s results. We take on the reported positive progress of the previous 12 months as an encouraging step. However, we need to continue to evolve and develop to meet the needs of our community.

For a complete understanding of the social connection experience in the Summer Hill Little BIG House community in 2023, please read our report:

Thank you to Social Ventures Australia (SVA) for this report. You bring a level of rigour that keeps us on track. Thank you to the Flour Mill community, the Precinct Committee and Building Management, who graciously allowed us to use the park and plaza for our larger events. As you will read, these events are some of our most popular. To our tiny team – Maggie, Faith (and the much-missed Susannah), I know this is much more than a job for you all. Finally, thank you to our funding partner, EG, and our Board, George, Holly and Adam, without whom none would be possible.

Ultimately, this year’s success is credited to our exceptional group of volunteers and community hosts. Look what you have achieved in one short year.

Wow, just, wow!

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