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Meet Ryan Harris: Sydney’s Advocate for Friendly and Walkable Neighbourhoods

by Maggie Mountain

Ryan Harris is a lifelong Sydneysider who’s all about making his city a better place. With a love for walkable...

Mastering Small Talk: A Guide for Little BIG House Hosts

by Little BIG

Small talk can be the bridge that turns strangers into friends and makes any event more enjoyable. At Little BIG...

Meet Sam Freeman: Chairing Community Connections in Summer Hill 

by Little BIG

Meet Sam Freeman, the go-getter, jetsetter and start-up founder who stumbled upon the Little BIG House, liked what he saw and...

Meet Fiona: Championing Connection Through Song

by Maggie Mountain

In the heart of our vibrant community, Fiona has created a haven where music and connection intertwine seamlessly. As the...

Introducing the Little BIG House Management Committee

by Sarah Mathews

The Summer Hill Little BIG House is excited to announce the launch of its first Volunteer Management Committee. After two...

Meet Terry, The Passionate Trailblazer and President of ASHBug

by Maggie Mountain

Meet Terry, the pedal-pushing powerhouse and President of the Ashfield Bicycle Users Group (AshBUG), who's on a mission to make...

Get To Know Little BIG Host, Susan, The Creative Force Behind Improv

by Faith Duremdes

Meet Susan, a charismatic improv host who is passionate about building connections through the magic of improvisational theater. In a...

Why You Should Participate in Our Community Connection Survey

by Little BIG

It's easy to become disconnected from our community. Whether it's due to the demands of work, the distractions of technology,...

Meet Wei-Yee, The Little BIG Host Who Started It All

by Faith Duremdes

Back when COVID was still a pandemic and everyone was stuck in their homes, Wei-Yee, Flour Mill resident and yoga...

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