Meet Terry, The Passionate Trailblazer and President of ASHBug

by Little BIG

Meet Terry, the pedal-pushing powerhouse and President of the Ashfield Bicycle Users Group (AshBUG), who’s on a mission to make cycling safer and more fun for everyone in the local area. With four decades of race cycling experience under his belt, including competing at the Masters World Championship level, Terry’s passion for two-wheeled adventures knows no bounds.

Terry’s love for cycling began as a cherished family tradition, with both his father and uncle racing their way into his heart.

So, what brought Terry to the Little BIG House? During the chaos of COVID, Terry and the AshBUG crew were in search of a new venue for their gatherings. Luckily, fate intervened when they stumbled upon our cozy corner of the world (one of their members, Leonard, used to work in the Flour Mill itself back in the day) —a true case of serendipity!

Outside of the Little BIG House, Terry enjoys retired life and spends his days exploring the open road with fellow cycling groups. But amidst the adrenaline-fueled races and scenic rides, Terry’s greatest achievement remains his loving family.

AshBUG meetings typically take place in the Little BIG House on the first Monday of every other month with the next meeting scheduled for April 8th at 7:30 pm. In addition to meetings, AshBUG hosts engaging events like bicycle safety checks and family group rides, promising enjoyable experiences for attendees.

I’ve been a Summer Hill local since

I have lived in Summer Hill for 10 years and my wife has been a resident for nearly 24 years.

This community is special to me because

Summer Hill is close to the city and to transport while still retaining a village feel. Neighbours look out for each other I feel a sense of community here.

My favourite thing about the Little BIG House is

The Little Big House (LBH) has been a lifesaver for our group.  We lost our previous meeting space just prior to COVID, and Zoom is just too sterile for lively discussion. The LBH gives us a safe, convenient, and comfortable place to meet as well as the opportunity to get to know people from other groups with other interests.

The event / program I’m running in the Little BIG House is

Ashfield Bicycle Group (AshBUG) are a group of cyclists affiliated to Bicycle NSW who meet to promote cycling as part of a healthy lifestyle and a viable transport option, and to advocate for better cycling infrastructure in the Inner West. To this end we organise group rides, map safe cycling routes, and engage with other cycling groups, the Inner West Council, and the State Government to promote the needs of cyclists.

I hope this event / program will make participants feel 

We strive to be inclusive as we bring people with a common interest together.  Our members range from mums with kids, daily commuters and social riders, to racing cyclists and road warriors. We all share the sheer joy of riding a bicycle.

The top thing on my bucket list is 

To ensure that it is safe to ride a bike in the Inner West.

I’m most grateful for

AshBUG has been running for about 20 years, but I have been president for only 18 months. The efforts of all of those who have participated in this group over the years has led to us having clear lines of communication with the people making the decisions around safe cycling in the Inner West.

The last Little BIG thing / action I did for someone else or received from someone was

At the start of summer, in conjunction with the LBH, the Flour Mill Markets, the Inner West Council, the Greenway Committee, the Inner West Cycling Coalition, the City of Sydney Council and Ashfield Cycles we ran an open day followed by a group ride starting at the LBH. We did bicycle safety checks and answered a lot of enquiries from locals about safe cycling routes in the Inner West.

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