Introducing the Little BIG House Management Committee

by Little BIG

The Summer Hill Little BIG House is excited to announce the launch of its first Volunteer Management Committee. After two years of operation in Summer Hill, we are thrilled to take this next step into authentic community-led approach.

The Committee is a liaison between the local community and the Foundation Board and staff. Its primary purpose is to represent the immediate surroundings of the Little BIG House, provide advisory insights to the staff and Board, and manage projects to improve the facility’s impact and community engagement.

The Committee meets monthly and undertakes various functions, from reviewing programs and devising and executing community engagement to contributing to the Foundation’s strategic plans. The Committee holds authority over recommending facility-related matters to the Board, drafting monthly event activities, reviewing new programs, suggesting and managing projects, and driving local marketing initiatives. Decisions are made through consensus whenever possible.

We are excited and grateful to be working with this beautiful bunch of humans who will have a significant impact on this community and help establish the Foundation’s approach to community-led spaces. 

The 2024 Summer Hill Management Committee:

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