Meet Fiona: Championing Connection Through Song

by Little BIG

In the heart of our vibrant community, Fiona has created a haven where music and connection intertwine seamlessly. As the passionate host of the All Ages Women’s Singing Circle, Fiona’s journey is one of discovery, empowerment, and the profound impact of music.

Fiona’s journey with the Little BIG House began serendipitously, with a simple Google search. Living nearby, she sought a venue that echoed her love for music and community involvement. Instantly drawn to the website’s ethos and mission, Fiona saw the potential to create something extraordinary within its walls.

Inspired by her lifelong immersion in music and her experiences in aged care and music therapy, Fiona embarked on a quest to bring people together through song. Drawing from the transformative work of organizations like the Singing Mamas, Fiona envisioned a space where individuals could find solace and connection amidst life’s challenges.

Hosting the Singing Circle has been a journey filled with meaningful moments and heartfelt connections. Fiona cherishes the times when participants discover the validation and empowerment that come from embracing their voices. Beyond the music, these sessions often evolve into intimate conversations, fostering a sense of community and support.

For those considering joining the Singing Circle, Fiona extends a warm invitation to embrace bravery. In her nurturing space, judgment is replaced with encouragement and every voice is celebrated. Participation is voluntary, and newcomers are encouraged to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. Ultimately, Fiona’s goal as a host is for participants to leave the Singing Circle feeling refreshed, empowered, and confident in their voices. She believes in the ability of music to serve as a powerful tool for self-regulation during times of stress and distress, and hopes to impart this wisdom to all who attend.

In All Ages Women’s Singing Circle, music transcends mere melody—it becomes a source of healing, connection, and empowerment. Within the warm embrace of the Little BIG House, Fiona continues to weave a tapestry of harmony and community, one heartfelt note at a time.

Join the Singing Circle community at the Little BIG House, every last Wednesday of the month, 10-11.30 am. The schedule may change depending on availability so please see our events page for the most recent updates.

We’ve been part of the Summer Hill community since…

We moved from Redfern to “the suburbs” in 2009! Best move ever!

I love operating my business in this community because…

My experience has been that we are a tolerant and compassionate folk who, by and large, have a healthy curiosity about life and the wonderfully diverse people we meet as we navigate through it.

My business offers the local community the opportunity to…

Escape from the crazy busy-ness of life. Connect authentically to the moment and to others. Put to bed some “I can’t do XYZ” thoughts. Relax. Nourish. Recharge.

My favourite thing about the Little BIG House / the work the Little BIG Foundation is doing is…

I love that the Little Big Foundation recognises that people don’t exist in a vacuum.  Disconnection plays a huge part in a lot of the struggles we’re facing, both individually and as a society. People coming together for a purpose is a wonderful thing to offer and be part of! May there be many more Little Big Houses across the country!

The top thing on my bucket list is…

I don’t believe in bucket lists. I believe in finding joy in the small, even mundane things in our amazing neighbourhoods, communities and backyards. But I would like to see the day when a Perinatal Health Singing Group is accessible to every new parent, and a community singing group exists in every suburb.

I’m most grateful for…

My good health and the peace & safety that surrounds us as a backdrop to our lives.

The last little BIG thing / action I did for someone else or received from someone was…
I’m a member of the Inner West Puzzle Swap group so I’d say every time we borrow/lend/swap puzzles we’re doing a Little Big Action. Less consumption, less waste, more access for people to non-screen-based activity that, for me and fellow puzzlers, is very meditative and delightfully “unproductive & purposeless.”

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