A New Place, Built For You

by Sarah Mathews

Everyone has a reason why they like to hang out at their local coffee shop. For some, it’s the sweet smell of coffee, or the puppy tied at the front that’s begging for a pat or even the lovely barista who’s remembered your name. But the real reason we love it is not for all the things the coffee shop is, but for what it is not.

The coffee shop is not your home and it’s not your work. It’s some special ‘third space’ to exist. And what a welcome relief that is – especially after three months of the first two spaces being in the same room (thanks COVID). Finally, there’s no line to blur between work and home life.

A coffee shop functions as a place for people to get together and simply enjoy each other’s company. That’s why it’s a place where connection can flourish. But it shouldn’t be the only place where this happens.

Pre-COVID, we spent 70% of our day in buildings. Us city-dwellers spent almost all our time in the built environment in one way or another, so surely the property industry has a role to play here. Sydney real estate developer, EG, thinks so. They’re insisting this is an opportunity to build a legacy for lasting environmental and social impact. Perhaps even more than an opportunity, but a responsibility? Because it’s more than just how people experience the built environment, but how they experience one another in that environment.

What could it look like? That’s another kettle of fish. Is there room for a third space that is not commercial? A space that’s more than a tired brick hall with chairs stacked in a cupboard. Our communities deserve more than this.

We are pleased to at long last, open our doors at Summer Hill’s Little B.I.G. House. It’s a beautiful new shared space that’s perfect for wellbeing activities and all sorts of events.

It spans two floors with a lounge space, kids’ space, a huuuuuge communal table, AV facilities and kitchenettes. It’s all the cosy of the coffee shop with the function of the community hall and it’s free to book if you’ve got an idea that’s ‘good for the hood’ and strengthening neighbourly connections.

You can book a space online or in person with the Little B.I.G. team and local volunteers who keep the house buzzing. We manage new programs and bookings based on how they fit with Little B.I.G. House vision and mission… and availability of course. Your Little B.I.G. House will also host community programs and events you can join. Check our socials for events to enjoy.

Let’s not kid ourselves, it’s not your local coffee shop (our coffee is instant), but neither is it home, nor work.

It’s just yours.

“We are pleased to at long last, open our doors at Summer Hill’s Little B.I.G. House. ”

― Sarah Mathews

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