The Greatness We Are Chasing

by Grant Flannigan

This article has been submitted by Grant Flannigan, Developments Director of EG. EG is the founder of the B.I.G. Foundation and developer of the Flour Mill of Summer Hill where the Little B.I.G. House is located. Without their support and access to this wonderful space, our work wouldn’t be possible.

The great challenge facing developers today is how to build people-first places in a people-centred world. At EG, we are overjoyed to see our Build in Good (B.I.G.) philosophy spark a movement and become recognised by the development industry as truly innovative and life changing for those that are positively involved. 

A lot has been written about the B.I.G. movement and I am happy to add my piece having first-hand experience. It starts with a sense of community. Some people call it a tribe, call it a support network, call it being good neighbours, call it a family. Whatever you call it and whoever you are, you need it. You need it because you are human.

Our greatest moments of joy involve other people. The connections we make and foster add to that joy. Sadly, the opposite is also true. Our moments of sorrow often involve separation and loss of those connections. As the Swedish proverb says, “a joy shared, is a joy doubled. A sorrow shared, is a sorrow halved.” Creating a connected community begins with the intentional decisions we make in our day to day relationships.

We may have to make some sacrifices to be part of the greater tribe but giving and helping others connects our lives and strengthens our bonds with the community and our sense of purpose.

We know it is not easy. It takes courage and time to deliver. Strong, long-term relationships are what matter most. Connection is the foundation on which we build everything else. And as we build this connected life, we make it possible to build a more connected world, where we create neighbourhoods and workplaces that support and connect us all.

At EG, we captured this B.I.G. philosophy but the movement continues to grow.

Our goal is to turn words into reality for many, not just a few. That is the greatness we are chasing.

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