A Little Neighbourliness Goes A Long Way

by Susannah Howen

The buzz of excitement to be attending an actual in-person event seemed to energise everyone in the room, including the line-up of inspiring speakers. A perfect example of the positive impact a little human connection can have.

Earlier this week, I had the honour of representing the Little B.I.G. team at the official launch breakfast of Neighbour Day 2022 in Canberra. It was wonderful to be in room full of people from like-minded organisations working towards a world where everyone feels supported within their local community.

Launching in Melbourne in 2003, Neighbour Day is celebrating two decades of encouraging us to check on our neighbours. Recognising the importance of being part of a group, and the sense of belonging that comes with it, their continued efforts to promote neighbourliness is essential in combating the current loneliness epidemic across Australia. As ANU Associate Professor Tegan Cruwys explained, the data shows that Neighbour Day activities have a sustained impact on participants’ sense of belonging and connection within their neighbourhood. The flow-on effects of this then lead to strengthened resilience and greater satisfaction and quality of all relationships.

Little B.I.G. Foundation is excited to be a named a Very Neighbourly Organisation (VNO) as we continue to support the important work of Neighbour Day and continue to work within the Little B.I.G. Communities inspiring happier, healthier and kinder lives. But you don’t need a title or special day to help promote social connection within your community. As Costa Georgiadis, Neighbour Day Ambassador, said “We’re all ambassadors and can be an advocate for neighbourliness every day”.

Getting to know your neighbours for the first time might feel awkward or daunting. That’s why we created the Summer Hill Little B.I.G. House – a safe and welcoming space where neighbours can gather, share their stories and support each other. A place that’s neither work nor home, it’s the perfect place to connect.

See you there soon,


Little B.I.G. Foundation was founded by and receives ongoing support from EG.

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