If you haven’t heard of us, we’re the Little BIG Foundation, set up to tackle loneliness in Australia by developing places, programs and events for social connection. We want all Australians to live happier, healthier and kinder lives through feeling connected to their community and neighbours.

It all starts with us at the Little BIG House! You’re local hub for all things good for the “hood”.

Our Story

The Little BIG Foundation is on a mission to inspire joy and empower a true sense of belonging in communities by creating opportunities for neighbours to get to know each other better.

Australia’s loneliness epidemic is coming to a tipping point. Nearly half of Australians don’t have neighbours they can call on for help. The Little BIG Foundation strives to counter loneliness with every little meaningful moment we create by fostering a deep and personal connection to community through a shared community hub, providing a program of events that bring people together and supporting social interest groups and community-led events.

In 2021 we launched our first community space, The Summer Hill Little BIG House at 16 Flour Mill Way, Summer Hill. Summer Hill became a more connected community in our first 12 months (despite a global pandemic, several lockdowns and rising disconnection). We hope this is just the start of our story.

Our Founder

The BIG Foundation is founded and funded by EG, a leading Australian real estate fund manager and property developer who seeks to curate communities and have an ongoing community development.

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B.I.G. stands for ‘Build in Good’. It’s our unique approach to encourage every person that we meet to think about how they can build a little kindness, neighbourliness and ‘good’ into their lives. It’s not something you ‘do’ on occasion. It’s a way of living that is ‘built-in’ to who you are.

Our Team

Sarah CEO

Sarah has a passion to improve the world around her, one community (or well-loved plant) at a time. Her years of experience in leadership, marketing and not-for-profit groups are only outweighed by the number of creative projects she currently has on the fly.

Susannah Partnerships and Programs Manager

If you have an idea that’s good for the ‘hood, then Susannah’s the one you need to talk to! Leading our Little BIG partnerships, she’s a sucker for a good to-do list, a gluten-free feast, and a daily gratitude practice.

Abby Venue and Community Coordinator

Planning to use the space? Send an enquiry and she’ll help you secure a spot in the Little BIG House. Abby enjoys working behind the scenes and relieves her stress through music, biking, and journaling.

Our Board


As Chairman of the Board, George sees a need to redefine social responsibilities of property developers. He brings a lifetime of experience in social and community work to achieve this through his advocacy and leadership role.


Holly is a talented communicator with a rewarding career of 30+ years, crafting and sharing people’s stories. She has even taken this passion from professional to personal life, creating a card game called ‘What’s Your Story’.


Adam’s experience in the property sector is extensive and diverse — and it runs in his family! When he’s not out enjoying an early morning stroll through the park, Adam keeps busy as CEO of EG, Little BIG’s founder and funder.


Nothing great is achieved in isolation and we are always on the lookout for incredible organisations doing likeminded work. If you have a common agenda and are open to continuous communication and knowledge sharing we would love to partner with you.

Some of our incredible partners are listed below.

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