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The Good Work program aims to build and maintain happy, healthier, kinder communities at work. We foster a sense of belonging that reduces loneliness and contributes to a positive work environment throughout an entire building.

Each year we conduct a survey, speak to tenants, carry out focus groups and interview the building management team to gather feedback to understand the interest areas of those working in the building. We ask them what would help them connect. Why? Because the world is becoming lonely, and coming to work should be good for you.

See some of our findings below:

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It is lonely at the start

Office workers who had been with their organisation for less than a year were 20% more likely to have
felt lonely than those who had been with the organisation for 10+ years. With the recent movement in the job market, this equates to 41% of people survey feeling lonely at least one day a week.

Connecting Spaces

Office communities have a strong desire for communal “third spaces” for people to meet or have a break from their work, outside of their office space but remaining onsite. They benefit from a short break to disrupt the mind and develop a new perspective; these spaces are helpful for people wanting to have informal conversations with colleagues or clients and maybe bump into someone new.

Sydney is the loneliest place to work

Building surveyed are experiencing comparable rates of loneliness to the national averages with the
notable exceptions of the buildings located in Sydney’s business districts. Survey responders at
Sydney’s business direct buildings, had elevated levels of respondents feeling lonely at least some of
the time (1+ days a week) at a average level of 45%, just shy of 10% greater than the national average.

We seek connection at work

With the vast majority (81%) of respondents unsatisfied with the sense of community within their building, there is a clear opportunity to build relationships and create meaningful connections in office communities.

96% of respondents showed an desire for in person events an activates during their work day.

*data drawn from the 2023 Good Work Report prepared for EG Funds Management.

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The Good Work program is a joint effort between the Little BIG Foundation and your landlord EG, to build and maintain happier, healthier, kinder communities at work. We aim to foster a sense of belonging that reduces loneliness and contributes to a positive work environment.

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