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We could all do with a little bit more self-care in our lives. Some time out to take care of ourselves, especially when life can feel like a roller coaster ride – sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down.

That’s why we are so happy to introduce you to our next Little B.I.G. Host – Kate, a Kinesiologist based in Summer Hill.

In case you missed it, Kate is holding a monthly self-care workshop about stress, physical pain, personal wellbeing, and many more at the Little B.I.G. House.

Intrigued? Keep reading to know more.

We asked Kate to tell us more about what kind of event she’s running, and her experience as a Summer Hill local.

1. I’ve been a Summer Hill local since

2011, only recently having moved to Ashfield to find a house for my growing family. Two of my three children attend St Patrick’s Primary in Drynan Street. I have been working in Summer Hill as a Kinesiologist since 2017 and recently opened my new clinic space – Ease Wellness – in August 2021.

2. This community is special to me because

It’s where I bought my first house, where I lived when I got married and had my first two children and where I first really connected with a warm and caring community. So many great memories.

3. My favourite thing about the Little B.I.G. House is

How beautiful, clean, comfortable and accommodating the space is. The facilities are perfect for the styles of wellness workshops I hold. The Little B.I.G. Foundation team have been wonderful and open to me hosting various workshops over the past year.

4. The next workshop I’m running in the Little B.I.G. House is

With my collaborator, Peak Performance and Wellness Coach, Jen Lewis, is called ‘Empowering Your Perceptions‘. In this free self-care workshop we deep-dive into the origin of perceptions and explore how they shape our life’s experiences.

5. I hope this workshop will make participants feel

We have provided a safe and collaborative space, allowing them to explore and challenge negative belief systems that are holding them back, create conscious choices and respond to stress skilfully and learn techniques to reverse their stress response.

6. The top thing on my bucket list is

To positively contribute to the health and wellness of my clients, workshop and retreat participants – this is my goal for 2022.

7. I’m most grateful for

The support I receive from my family and friends.

8. The last Little B.I.G. thing / action I did for someone else was

Host the last free workshop – A Connected Self, where Jen and I shared techniques to help relieve stress and create a stronger connection between mind and body. We were so grateful to the Little B.I.G. Foundation for providing us with a space to share our knowledge.

Katherine Anderson

Monthly – Next Session: Sunday, 29 May 2022, 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Place: The Little B.I.G. House (at the Flour Mill of Summer Hill)

Cost: FREE


Instagram: @ease.wellness.australia

You’ve just met one of our Little B.I.G. Hosts, Kate!

What is a Little B.I.G. Host, you ask? If you have an idea for an activity, event or community group that’s good for the ‘hood and brings people together at the Summer Hill Little B.I.G. House, then you too could become a Little B.I.G. Host.  

Share your ideas with us by filling out the contact form on our website.

“This community is special to me because this is where I first really connected with a warm and caring community.”

― Kate

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