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Good to meet you! Let’s create the happiest, healthiest, most kind, connected office, industrial and residential communities in Australia. Places where the LITTLE things make a really BIG difference. That’s Little BIG!
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Living Happier, Healthier, Kinder

If you haven’t heard of us, we’re the Little BIG Foundation, set up to tackle loneliness in Australia by developing places, programs and events for social connection. We want all Australians to live happier, healthier and kinder lives through feeling connected to their community and neighbours.


We strive to create better connected, more resilient communities that engage in life’s little joys, seek out fun and create happiness for themselves and people around them.


We are increasing endorphins, dopamine, adrenaline and knowledge about how to have a healthy body and a healthy mind. It’s important to put in the work in to maintain both mental and physical health – because we know they are intrinsically linked.


We believe that when people regularly practice kindness, they become addicted to the ‘feel-good’ emotions, which ripples into the rest of the world. Through kindness we hope to creates an environment of tolerance, respect and empathy that helps all people to belong.

Introducing the Summer Hill Little BIG House

The Summer Hill Little BIG House is our flagship neighbourhood hub. We hope you’ll find it a welcoming, safe space where you can walk in to talk, meet, share stories and laugh, sit and read a book or host your event for the community. If it’s “good for the hood”, we want you (and your ideas) here!

Located at 16 Flour Mill Way, Summer Hill, we are a little building amongst the Flour Mill development. Adjacent to Harvest park and Mungo Scott Plaza allows us to run a range of events both inside the Little BIG House and outside for the entire community to enjoy.

This is a space to find an activity you enjoy, notice how you are, connect and give generously to others.

Different programs

run at the Little BIG House

Individual Events per Month

facilitated in the Little BIG House and the volunteer community

Little BIG Moments

from those who attended and participated in our events and programs (in our first 3 years)

Good Work

The Good Work program aims to build and maintain happy, healthier, kinder communities at work. We foster a sense of belonging that reduces loneliness and contributes to a positive work environment throughout an entire building.

Each year we conduct a survey, speak to tenants, carry out focus groups and interview the building management team to gather feedback to understand the interest areas of those working in the building. We ask them what would help them connect. Why? Because the world is becoming lonely, and coming to work should be good for you.

Get Involved

We help volunteers and community hosts to make a BIG difference in their neighbour’s lives. We are already working with a huge number of awesome locals. But they can’t do it alone. If you want to help, or have an idea or skill to share, why not volunteer? We think volunteering should be easy and fun for you.


We know there is something very special about Little BIG Communities and we want to better understand how neighbours create a sense of belonging in these places.

Each year we ask our community to complete a survey to better understand the sense of connection, what matters most to those living in the local area and how we can best serve the community.


Find out what we are up to, how we tackle loneliness or meet one of our incredible volunteers below:

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