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95 North Quay!

A building that priorities human connection,
knowing your neighbours and your mental health.

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Nestled in sunny Brisbane’s legal precinct, the area is home to the Supreme and District Courts and a stone’s throw from the CBD across the Victoria Bridge. Offering stunning views and convenient access to the Brisbane River, King Georges Square and Museum of Brisbane, this is an area sure to keep you busy on your lunch break.



We have surveyed the community here, in your building, as well as many other office communities around the country. We have also reviewed the latest research on social connection, and we noticed some themes. The workplace, though transformed, remains a vital space for prioritising mental health and meaningful connections.

  1. The pandemic has heightened the importance of workplace interaction in combating loneliness.

  2. Not all employers are equipped or know how to support employee mental wellbeing at work.

  3. A significant portion of workers recognise the value of returning to the workplace for more meaningful connection opportunities



The Good Work crew is a small by passionate team that wants to hear from you. Thought of an idea for a program? Got a great breakout space and willing to host your neighbours? Want to help us make this community great? Just wondering about something? Reach out!

The Good Work program is a joint effort between the Little BIG Foundation and your landlord EG, to build and maintain happier, healthier, kinder communities at work. We aim to foster a sense of belonging that reduces loneliness and contributes to a positive work environment.

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