In the heart of Summer Hill, Sam has been transforming the community landscape with her popular monthly event, the Little Beer House, at the Little BIG House. This gathering has become a cornerstone of camaraderie and connection, drawing people together in the spirit of shared interests and lively conversations.

From a young age, Sam’s creative talents shone brightly. She played the flute and indulged in painting and drawing, showcasing an artistic flair that would later find new expressions. Despite her passion for the arts, Sam now works in Procurement, where she finds joy in her work and the company of her colleagues.

Sam’s creative inclinations remain a vital part of her life. When asked about her favourite artistic pursuits, she enthusiastically shares her love for painting, particularly in her travel journals using watercolor and gouache. Her artwork, rich with the essence of her journeys, captures her vibrant imagination and creative spirit.

Here are some of Sam’s paintings during her travels.

Her journey with the Little BIG House began serendipitously when she stumbled upon a flyer for an annual survey, only to discover the venue was just around the corner from her home. Intrigued by the list of events on the flyer, she decided to attend the G-Spot Board Games night, which marked the start of her deep connection with the Little BIG community.

The idea for the Little Beer House emerged after one of these board game nights. A casual comment about how quickly she finished her beer sparked a lively discussion about her love for the beverage and the suggestion that Sam should host a beer-themed event. Embracing the idea, she launched the Little Beer House, which has since become a beloved fixture.

Hosting an event typically dominated by men might seem daunting, but Sam handles it with grace and ease as she quickly discovered that everyone was incredibly kind, open, and respectful. The supportive atmosphere, coupled with the familiarity of local attendees, made her feel at home and confident in running the event.

The Little Beer House is more than just a monthly event; it is a celebration of community, creativity, and camaraderie. Thanks to Sam’s enthusiasm and dedication, the Little BIG House has become a place where people come together to share a love of beer, foster connections, and create lasting memories. Sam’s efforts have truly turned this gathering into a vibrant, inclusive, and cherished part of the Summer Hill community.

Here’s more about Sam:

I’ve been an Inner West local since …

2021 is when I moved into the neighbourhood. Have not looked back since, it’s my favourite place to be.

This community is special to me because …

The people here are a considerate, warm, rare bunch. It’s what sets this place apart from other areas – you get a very authentic sense of community that you can rely on. It’s close enough to the hustle and bustle and rush of the city, but is a slow and peaceful village in its own rights. I’ve found that the connections I’ve formed just by being in this community have been the most valuable part of living here.

My favourite thing about the Little BIG House is …

As you can probably guess, the people. The people who show up to the events are amazing; you never know who will walk through the door and what their story is and how they’ll impact your own. I’ve enjoyed all the lovely connections I’ve made with other participants. Also big shout out to all the people who run the Little BIG House, including the management team, event organisers, volunteers etc. who all share a common desire to give and to unite the community together. It’s fantastic to share a room with them! They give me hope.

The event / program I’m running in the Little BIG House is …

The Little Beer House – a place for beer enthusiasts! The events are mostly tasting sessions, welcoming people at all stages of their beer journey. I lightly talk through the different styles, origins, brewery information and flavour profiles, but the main idea is to encourage conversation amongst the group and bring people together over an enjoyment of beer. I also love to add themed tasting events, such as our Inner West brewery tasting, State of Origin NSW vs QLD blind tasting battle, and an upcoming snack pairing event. And hoping to have some brewery talks once we get a consistent crowd (please come along)!

I hope this event / program will make participants feel …

Slightly buzzed. Haha. No, just kidding. Although I do want to stimulate taste buds and give people a memorable and positive experience with beer. My other big hope is for people to walk away feeling connected. I come from a culture that is really big on sharing, hospitality and generosity. I want to foster that in my club by providing an environment for people to share a delicious beer and conversation.

The top thing on my bucket list is …

To pursue and accomplish all the creative endeavours and ideas I have in my mind. Outside of beer, I love all things artsy. I have a short film animation idea I’ve been sitting on for years that I’d love to bring to life, as well as other painting goals, printmaking goals, etc. I also have a goal to learn my native tongue, which I’m working on. And see as many amazing live music gigs as possible!

I’m most grateful for …

Besides my health and my family’s health, I’d say my inner voice. I’m not particularly very spiritual, but I feel a great sense of connection to my inner voice. She has always guided me and offered a warm comforting level-headed perspective that keeps me in balance. She holds no judgement and shows up for me every day. I fully trust that the adversities she presents to me have reason and that she will be there with me through it.

The last Little BIG thing / action I did for someone else or received from someone was …

I have two friends that came over to my place the other day to drill in some legs underneath a big shelf for extra support in the middle. They measured it up and brought the legs themselves. It’s such a random act but I appreciated it a lot, because I probably would have been a little overwhelmed trying to do it myself.

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