Vincent headshot in front of brick wall

Meet Little BIG Host, Vincent

Meet Little BIG Host Vincent, who’s running the fortnightly Little BIG House Writing Space. No matter where you’re at in your writing journey, we could all use a bit of moral support and connection to stay motivated. This is exactly what Vincent has created!

Meet Little B.I.G. Host, Kate

We could all do with a little bit more self-care in our lives. Some time out to take care of ourselves, especially when life can feel like a roller coaster ride. Kate is holding a monthly self-care workshop about stress, physical pain, personal wellbeing, and many more at the Little B.I.G. House. Read on to learn more!

Meet Little B.I.G. Neighbour, Deborah

Meet your Little B.I.G. Neighbour Deborah Warren, owner of local Summer Hill store, Hampton & French! Hampton & French are tackling the important issue of waste one piece of furniture at a time, upcycling beautiful pieces which still have purpose and value.

A Little Neighbourliness Goes A Long Way

Earlier this week, I had the honour of representing the Little B.I.G. team at the official launch breakfast of Neighbour Day 2022 in Canberra. The buzz of excitement to be attending an actual in-person event seemed to energise everyone in the room, including the line-up of inspiring speakers. A perfect example of the positive impact a little human connection can have.

Meet Little B.I.G. Host, Alba

Why not try a new type of exercise to keep you motivated as you continue to improve your physical and mental health? Alba runs Hypopressive classes in small groups at the Little B.I.G. House. Read on to learn more!

Meet Little B.I.G. Host, Alan

Alan runs a non-clinical Pop-up Safe Space at the Little B.I.G. House – a warm, welcoming environment open to anyone struggling with chronic loneliness or suicidality, or anyone who is feeling unsafe or in need of peer support.