Good Work

The Good-Work program is a joint effort between Little BIG Foundation and EG, two organisations that aim to build and maintain communities of tenants working in significant assets across Australia.

The program’s main objective is to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of the tenants who work in these properties. This will be achieved by conducting research to determine the specific needs of each property, which will be beneficial to the tenants.

To determine these needs, the program leads will tour the buildings, visit the tenants and invite participation in discussions and focus groups. The team will then design a survey to help evaluate and prioritise suggestions for programs to be implemented in each building. Based on the results of this research, the program will propose a customised plan for each property that will be implemented in the second half of the year. These plans will also include suggestions for improving the management and environment of the buildings to enhance the quality of work-life for the tenants.

Whether we have a dedicated Little BIG House or a building lobby, we work with a team of volunteers from the community to run a unique program of events that bring people together and foster neighbourly relations. We’re learning as we go and working closely with leaders in the communities we operate in to create a happier, healthier and kinder community.


Our first office community, located within the restored flour mill factory, the Mungo Scott building is home to a range of small and medium businesses. Through events, committees and a range of programs we have created opportunities for social connection between businesses.


Creating connection in the Sydney CBD office community is no small task but we are already working with a great range of tenants to benchmark the sense of connection in two high-density office buildings in prime Sydney locations; Sydney CBD and North Sydney. 95% of people said they would enjoy their work day more if the knew more people working in the building. So let’s make that happen!


Working within the ‘Delta Framework’, a first-of-its-kind model measuring environment, social and governance outcomes in the built environment, allows us to focus on innovative ways to deliver health, wellbeing, empowerment and inclusive outcomes.


Not forgetting our WA friends, this city-fringe location has recently undergone a facelift and boasts a suite of household named companies. We are benchmarking connecting, encouraging committee and volunteer-led social events and delivering social outcomes.


This 30-year-old multi-let office located within Canberra’s Parliamentary Triangle, surrounded by key social, economic, and transport infrastructure is striving to create a more connected community alongside a 70% reduction in electricity savings. Watch this space!

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