[select* InquiringAbout class:form-control first_as_label “Type of enquiry” “Host an Event” “Book the Venue” “Apply to Be a Little BIG Volunteer” “Research Enquiry” “Community Queries” “Media Enquiry” “Other”]

[text* FirstName class:form-control placeholder “First Name”]

[text* LastName class:form-control placeholder “Last Name”]

[email* Email class:form-control placeholder “Email Address”]

[phonetext* mobile class:form-control placeholder “Mobile”]

[text* Organisation class:form-control placeholder “Organisation”]

[text* address class:form-control placeholder “Address”]

[group postal-code][text* PostalCode minlength:4 maxlength:4 class:wpcf7-numbers-only class:form-control placeholder “Postal Code” ][/group]
[group postal-green clear_on_hide][/group]
[group postal-yellow clear_on_hide][/group]
[group postal-blue clear_on_hide][/group]
[group postal-red clear_on_hide][/group]

[radio AddressSelection “Home Address” “Business Address” “Both”]

[group Host-an-Event]

Please provide further information regarding your event

[select* Event class:form-control include_blank “Open to the whole of the community to drop in” “Open to the whole of the community – by reservation/booking” “Closed group / invitation only” “Other”]

[group Other]

[text Other class:form-control]


[select* EventSpace class:form-control include_blank “Whole venue” “Ground floor only” “Level 1 only”]

[radio Istheevent use_label_element “Recurring” “One-off”]

[select* EventParticipants class:form-control include_blank “For free” “By paying to participate”]

[textarea* EventDescription class:form-control x3]

[text* StartTime class:eventdate]

[text* EndTime class:eventdate]

[select* AboutUs class:form-control include_blank “Social media” “Google / search engine” “Community referral” “Other”]
[group Other2]

[text Other2 class:form-control]

[group Referral]

[text Referral class:form-control]


[group Apply-to-Be-a-Little-BIG-Volunteer]

Please provide further information

[select* Gender class:form-control first_as_label “Gender” “Male” “Female” “Non-binary” “Transgender” “Other” “Prefer not to say”]

[date* DateofBirth max:2021-12-31 class:form-control placeholder “Date of Birth”]

[text* CulturalIdentity class:form-control placeholder “Cultural Identity”]

[text* LanguagesSpoken class:form-control placeholder “Languages Spoken”]

Name, Relationship, and Phone Number
[text* Emergency class:form-control]

Please explain in a few sentences why you’d like to volunteer with us in the role you’ve chosen. What appeals to you about the opportunity?
[textarea* ReasonforApplying class:form-control x4]

What experience and/or interests do you have relevant to your chosen role? A CV is not required but appreciated if possible.
[textarea* Experience class:form-control x4]

Are you super organized? Great with people? Or a closet fitness guru? Help us get to know you better.
[textarea* Skills class:form-control x4]

Please select all that apply.
[checkbox VolunteerAvailabilityWD class:form-control “Mornings” “Afternoons” “Evenings”]

Please select all that apply.
[checkbox VolunteerAvailabilityWE class:form-control “Mornings” “Afternoons” “Evenings”]

Do you have any medical conditions or disabilities that might limit your volunteering capacity?
[textarea MedicalConditions class:form-control x2]

Current working with children check (WWCC), holder of a first aid certificate, etc
[textarea AnythingElse class:form-control x4]

[checkbox* provided class:form-check-input use_label_element “I have provided/will provide additional information to hello@littlebigfoundation.org”]


[textarea Message class:form-control x7 placeholder “Additional Comments”]

[submit class:btn class:btn-dark “Send us a message”]

Little B.I.G. Foundation – Enquiry Form
Little B.I.G. Foundation

Type of Enquiry
[FirstName] [LastName]
[postal-green][/postal-green][postal-yellow][/postal-yellow][postal-red][/postal-red] [address], [PostalCode] (Home/Business Address: [AddressSelection])

Additional Comments

The event will be
[Event] [Other]
I’d like to use the following spaces
Is the event
Participants can join
Event description
Preferred date and time
[StartTime] – [EndTime]
How did you hear about us (we want to say thanks)
[AboutUs] [Other2] [Referral]



Date of Birth
Languages Spoken
Cultural Identity
Emergency Contact
Reasons for Applying
Relevant Experience and Interests
5 Key Skills
Volunteer Availability Weekdays
Volunteer Availability Weekdends
Health Issues
Anything else we should know?



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